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"Marilyn is a supportive, warm, and effective coach, and gave me the tools to keep it going on my own. I highly recommend her!"

Susannah, Santa Fe, NM

"Marilyn, thank you

for such a deep opportunity to let go!"

Kate, Santa Fe, NM

Kelle Rae Oien, Somatic Educator

Marilyn is as professional as it gets!  She is invested in each individual and not only their closet, but their process of evolving and becoming themselves.  She always leaves me feeling inspired, creative and cleansed.  I respect Marilyn's passion for her work.  I like to work with people who love what they do and Marilyn is one of them!  That's one of the reasons I am always left feeling renewed after she leaves my home.


Teri, Santa Fe, NM

What I have noticed since doing the clearing - I experience a general sense of being lighter - I feel less weighted down.  It's funny as the stuff was sitting thousands of miles away from me (in a storage unit) yet it created an energetic tie...not having it is freeing.  

I am more conscious of when I buy something - if I will use it?  Or do I love it?  And letting go of things when I bring in something new...not holding on to them. In essence, the clearing process has made me more conscious of consumption and value.

I have shared this experience with multiple friends and clients!                   

Kate, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Amazing closet clearing session with Marilyn Mars.  She introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about clothes and space and energy.  Her work is to closets as counseling work is to the psyche.  She turned cleaning out my closet into a Spiritual experience.  I highly recommend doing this y'all.  Amazing what I had been holding on to and am now able to let go of ...body image issues, ex-boyfriends, scarcity fears...  Marilyn, thank you for such a deep opportunity to let go!"


Lisa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Marilyn, Thank you so much for making my move a million times easier!!

Susannah, Santa Fe, New Mexico

My relationship to my home and the things I keep in it has completely changed since working with Marilyn. I got rid of three carloads of stuff that had been dragging me down for years, and I’m still going! We cleaned out my closet, and completely revitalized my storeroom. It’s been a wonderful change, and I feel lighter and more empowered to create and keep the space I truly want. Marilyn is a supportive, warm, and effective coach, and gave me the tools to keep it going on my own. I highly recommend her!"

Margo, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Marilyn Mars came to my rescue! Her knowledge, intuition, and firm, but kind manner, helped to get me "unstuck" from my clutter. She doesn't do it for you, but rather guides you along a path to do it for yourself. I wholeheartedly recommend her services."


Dr. Maureen Magauran, Boston, MA

"Marilyn helped me clutter clear a closet in my study that was so full that the door fell off.  We worked together via Skype and her expert guidance has motivated me to go through so many different areas of my home that are starting to overflow.  The space feels so much lighter and more energized.  And my closet door is now back on :). 

Thank you Marilyn, you are amazing!"

Mimi, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Marilyn is my closet angel.  My closet was filled with so many clothes I would try on, not like and return to the closet....I'd been doing this for years...but wouldn't let them go. Marilyn guided me through a process where I realized I could let them go and only keep clothes that made me happy and energized me. I gave away bags and bags of clothes and now my closet is filled with only things I love. It's such a freeing feeling. I still go into my closet during the day just to see how light and airy it feels. What a delight not to be weighted down with things I don't want or need. I'm now a true believer that less is more."

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