Hi!  I'm Marilyn.  I am a Clutter Clearing Practitioner and I work with clients in their home and online.


Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to begin?  Would you like to have more clarity, energy and space for the things you truly love? 


If you'd like to feel this way in your home, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.  Thanks to technology, I can now also work virtually with clients on Skype/Zoom.

About Marilyn

I have always been fascinated with how energy moves (or doesn't move) in our bodies, our homes and our lives - the impact it has on every aspect of our existence.  When we allow clutter to accumulate it creates "stuck" energy that blocks the health and vitality of our living spaces and our lives.  Clearing clutter is a powerful way to shift your perspective and have your life flow with greater ease and alignment with who you are now.  This is my greatest passion - helping people with their homes and their lives!


In conjunction with my Clutter Clearing practice, I am  a licensed Massage Therapist and Whole Health Educator.

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