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Clutter Clearing 101

Online Class Series

Series of 4 weekly classes.  Expert in-depth clutter clearing help.

These classes will be about general household clutter. Paper and digital clutter will not be included because the techniques required are very different. 

What you'll learn in these classes:

  • Get expert help to de-clutter your home

  • Learn highly effective techniques, including how to decide what to keep or what to let go.

  • Discover the joys of living clutter-free!

Two Offerings this October...


Sundays from 1:00-3:00 p.m (EST)., October 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th
Series is capped at 10 participants. $200 per person

What People Are Saying

"I loved this class!  The information you shared were things I had never heard before - and I have hired lot's of professional organizers.  You went beyond how to "get things cleaned up" and went deeper.  You helped us look at feelings and the emotions inside ourselves beyond the clutter itself."    ...Liz,  MD

"I appreciate your workshop teaching style - clear, concise and kind.  The techniques are superb and I will continue to use them."   ...Santa Fe Participant

"Thanks so much Marilyn! I loved every minute of it!"    ...D

"This class has been just amazing for me!  I can hardly wait to see how clutter clearing continues to change my life.  I'm so glad I signed up."   ...Sara,  CO

"I appreciated the clear game plans for each class, the sharing opportunities, the encouraging/thoughtful feedback, the gentleness and the safe space.  It's a good thing to leave wanting more.  Thank you for the opportunity!"  ...Sheri, N.Y.

"It was amazing!  LOVED the vulnerability and LOVED Marilyn. THANK YOU!"    ...Courtney

"I liked everything about this class.  You did a great job in leading our discussions and giving us great guidance.  The openness and sharing was so valuable.  Tips and tricks were great and I really appreciated our project assignments each week."   ...Cheryl N.M.