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Clutter Clearing 101: From Confusion to Clarity
StudioNia Santa Fe

Clutter Clearing 101

Series of 4 weekly classes.  Expert in-depth clutter clearing help.

These classes will be about general household clutter. Paper and digital clutter will not be included because the techniques required are very different. 

What you'll learn in these classes:

  • Get expert help to de-clutter your home

  • Learn highly effective techniques, including how to decide what to keep or what to let go.

  • Discover the joys of living clutter-free!

Please arrive ten minutes early so the class can start on time. Bring a notebook and pen.

About the Teacher


Marilyn Mars is a Clutter Clearing Practitioner certified by the Karen Kingston School of Clutter Clearing. She lives and practices in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Marilyn also provides virtual consultations through Skype or Zoom.

What People Are Saying

"I was able to clutter clear areas I had been putting off for years.  I found the class amazingly helpful."    ...Sharon

"This class gave me the tools to gain clarity to make life changing shifts."   ...Nameh

"I appreciate your workshop teaching style - clear, concise and kind.  The techniques are superb and I will continue to use them."   ...Santa Fe Participant